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For reservations, call (336) 982-2109
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River House Country Inn and Restaurant

Sunday Salons ~ Just about every Sunday ~

Sunday Evenings at River House are patterned on the famous international "salons" of the past; featuring musical and theatrical performances, poetry readings, book signings, art displays and literary and historical discussions, followed by dinner.

If you can’t make dinner, you’re welcome to stop by for the entertainment and a libation with hors d’oeuvre! But please call to reserve.

New River Dramatists ~

In the summer of 1981, Mark Woods, Founder of The Shakespeare Festival in High Point and Director of the Charlotte Repertory Company, came to the mountains to canoe the New. Here he met Gayle Winston, with whom he shared his dream of a workshop designed to provide new and professional playwrights with the time, space and the collaboration of actors and directors to achieve their best work.

Over the years, New River Dramatists has expanded in scope and accomplishments. Living and working nearby, the participants come to River House for lunch and dinner, entertain us with readings and their company and invite us and our guests to sit in on their work sessions.

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