Emile Pandolfi

It's Piano. Passion. Entertainment.

With the majority of Steinway artist Emile Pandolfi's performance being original, intricate arrangements of Broadway and pop standards, his influences are in fact, more classical than pop. Emile is so much more than an enchanting pianist. He is a complete entertainer. From the delightfully whimsical, sometimes hysterical humor, all the way through to the final crescendo of the closing impassioned arrangement of "All I Ask of You", the audience's eyes, ears, and hearts are riveted to the stage.

Sales of Pandolfi's albums are upwards of three and a half million, in addition to millions of digital downloads and streams from all parts of the world. What people say they most love is how they feel when they listen to his music; he is a master at conveying a whole range of emotions through his varied, and uniquely beautiful, arrangements. With a performance career spanning 25 years, this seasoned performance artist connects with his audiences at a very personal level as he shares his love of life, laughter and music.

"The world's greatest pianist, living or dead!"
- (Grandma Pandolfi, at her 92nd birthday party)