Sundance with Ellis 'Sonny' Aycock

Ellis "Sonny" Aycock has played and sung Americana songs for over forty years, having started in his mid 30's as a break from the pressures of lawyering. He has played solo and with local bands, most recently his current band “Sundance” and before that, “Outside the Law”. He loves playing and singing with his wife Barbara and Dale Meyer.

Ellis and Barbara had a ranch in Burke County for many years with Texas Longhorns and quarter horses. They now live on an organic farm in a holler in the high country of Avery County. The River House has long been a special place for Ellis and Barbara. They have enjoyed the hospitality and friendship of Gayle and John for years and always looked forward to Sunday salons on the front porch. It will be a pleasure to share music with River House and its guests.

Dale Meyer is a well known east coast musician who, in addition to playing and performing with Ellis Aycock, has worked extensively with popular artists of the Americana, Bluegrass and Country Music fields, such as CharlyHorse, ToneBlazers, Keenfish, Younger Brothers, Jack Lawrence, Michael Reno Harrell, Red Rocking Chair, Marty Raybon, Brother Dave Band, and George Shuffler to mention a few.
Dale performs on several instruments including guitars, resophonic guitar, bass, and mandolin. He currently endorses Collings Guitars, Elliot Guitars, Ace Pepper Amplifiers and Meredith Resophonic guitars, along with D'Addario & LR Baggs products. 
Dale plays live performances as well as numerous recording projects and operates Sound Stage Recording Studios in Morganton, N.C.
Whichever instrument, Dale provides the right texture and attitude that a song requires.