Patrick Lui

An artist with a reputation for embodying both depth and precision in his playing, guitarist Patrick Lui has established himself as both a notable performer and a gifted teacher.

Prize winner of several competitions, including the first Hong Kong Guitar Competition, the Yamaha Guitar Competition, and the Hong Kong, Macau, and Canton Invitational Guitar Competition, a finalist in the East Carolina Guitar Festival, and a semi-finalist in the Tokyo International Guitar Competition, his performances have been heard in the United States, Canada, Japan, and China. He has performed as a recitalist, a soloist with orchestras, and an ensemble player.

Patrick Lui holds degrees from North Carolina School of the Arts, Arizona State University, and has attended the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.  He has studied with such teachers as Wilson Yuen, Susan McKethan, Larry Almeida, Aaron Shearer, and Frank Koonce.  He has also worked in master’s classes with Gerald Garcia, Roberto Assuel, Robert Guthrie, Pepe Romero, and Manuel Burreco.

Patrick Lui is as comfortable with being a teacher as he is with being a performer.  Lui has taught at Arizona State University, Salem College, Catawba College, North Carolina School of the Arts, and Forsyth Technical Community College.   He currently teaches at the Weaver Academy for Performance and Visual Arts.  Dr. Elliot Frank, Professor of Guitar at East Carolina University, writes, "Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to hear, teach, and judge students of Patrick Lui at various events around the country and I have found him to be an outstanding teacher of young guitarists. His students have consistently excelled in regional, national, and international competitions. Most recently two of his students won prizes in the Guitar Foundation of America's inaugural youth competition, an event of international significance. Not only does Patrick provide the highest quality instruction for his students, he is equally committed to the personal and emotional growth of his students. I know of no other teacher who produces such consistently high results with such young students." 

Since 1995, Lui has dedicated himself to the education of young guitarists.  Asides from having one of his student featured on the National Radio Show; PBS Television Show 'From the Top," his students have won over 50 prizes in the Columbus State University Guitar Symposium, the East Carolina Guitar Competition, South Carolina Guitar Competition, the Appalachian Guitar Festival, the Greensboro Music Academy Guitar Competition, America String Teachers Association Guitar Competition and most recently, the Guitar Festival America Competition.  

Reviews and Quotes:

"His playing demonstrated not only virtuosity, but also a lyric beauty and silky smoothness that I have rarely heard in other guitarists. He is an artist that this community should treasure, and I hope, will hear more of.
 - W. Gerald Cochran, Salisbury Post

"Patrick Lui is one of the most promising musicians of his generation who also possess a rare gift in teaching.
 - Professor Frank Koonce of Arizona State University

"Patrick’s live performance touches the heart and soul of music.
  - Professor Susan Nylor of Reinhardt University

"Patrick Lui is an artist of depth and precision. His playing is at once colorful, lyrical and technically dazzling. I have had the pleasure of hearing and teaching many students of Patrick Lui over the years.  I am continually impressed by their facile technique, musicianship, consistency, and attention to detail.  After hearing so many fine young performers who have studied with Mr. Lui, one can deduce that his students' numerous competition victories are not coincidental.  He is surely one of the most dedicated and insightful instructors of young guitarists in the United States today."
 - Dr. Andrew Zohn of Columbus State University

"Patrick Lui has developed a well-deserved reputation for working so successfully with young guitarists. With great joy and pride in his work, he has  undertaken a position in the guitar world which requires not only a vast knowledge of the instrument and its repertoire but also a special talent for relating these complex and detailed matters to young people.

"I have had the great pleasure of adjudicating a number of Patrick Lui's young students at guitar festivals throughout the United States. They have demonstrated a truly outstanding level of accomplishment due in part to their innate abilities but also to an obviously high level of preparation, training and coaching under Patrick’s tutelage. They play with a maturity, poise and professionalism which can only be imparted through excellent teaching."
 - Jeff  McFadden of University of Toronto