Gene Hutchens

Gene Hutchens is a rolling stone that has gathered no moss. Always doing something... listening, learning, experiencing, and creating. No wasted time and no dull moments. Soaking in life and gathering wisdom. For a long time.

Raised on early country and gospel, Gene's ear quickly grew toward 60's folk and into the rock & roll era. After a brief stint playing just a bit of guitar with a brotherly "combo" in the 7th grade, Gene's passions shifted to his basketball career which carried through to a spot on UNC's jv team in the early 70"s.

Always the music lover and avid listener, Gene's music career was sparked in his mid forties by the harmonica. Settling in with a talented musical circle playing the bluegrass style... but also applying bluegrass instruments to a variety of genres, Gene quickly learned to play searing harmonica leads, as well as backing instrumentation and vocals for several bands based in the piedmont area of North Carolina.

Following a lead from great friends, The Carter Brothers of Ridgetop, TN...

Warehouse Wired Studios in Trinity was born where Gene began recording and producing local artists and bands in 2005.

By this time, Gene had begun writing songs, but realized that he needed to learn to play the guitar if he was going to be a singer/songwriter... So he did.

In 2006, he founded the Angel Band Foundation, a non profit that assists young musicians in their quest to learn to play, through an instrument donation program, and music workshops. Gene's music is available at with donations benefiting their mission.

During these years, Gene played with various singer/songwriters and bands that came through the studio, as well as continually writing songs and developing his own show.

Drawing on such diverse experience of a full lifetime of music, Gene delivers the original songs of a storyteller. "You never know where a song is going to come from," Gene says.

"You just have to be aware as the idea comes to you, and roll with it."

Gene's extensive travel of the state of North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast, has sparked the creation of songs such as "Mother Vine," the depiction of the story of "The Lost Colony."

"Ashe County" is Gene's song built from 40 years of regular trips to New River country.

There are songs of faith, of family, and of fishing. And love. There's good love, bad love, and crazy love. There is always love.

Gene's flowing guitar melodies are injected with harmonica on some songs, but the lyrics are king.

"I've always considered myself a lyricist, and those thoughts have been the creative driving force behind my songs," Gene says.