Vendetta Crème

Vendetta Crème capture a multitude of moods, styles and laughs with each performance. They have traveled far and wide, dazzling audiences the world over with their non-stop variety cabaret show that "brings tears to the eyes of the most hard-hearted, or leaves the room flabbergasted with laughter."

While presenting a totally new experience for modern-day music lovers, Vendetta Creme's carefully crafted performances hearken back to yesterday's performers whose music they present. Fresh interpretations of songs from around the world–by such luminaries as Edith Piaf, Noel Coward, Kurt Weill, Josephine Baker (to name a few) make the exquisute repertoire a breath of fresh air from otherwise stale nights on the town.

Vendetta Creme scours the globe for the most entertaining songs from a multitude of genres–cabaret, salsa, slapstick show tunes and romantic exotica all rolled into a single death-defying performance guaranteed to take your breath away.

Video of Vendetta Crème at River House (with Aaron Price):