Apollo Red

Jayce Long is a second generation powerhouse musician with a head turning guitar tone and vocal ability that will have you singing to the top of your lungs to all of your favorite songs you know and love, and even a few you might have forgotten about! 

Joe McCallister, "Joey Mac", is originally from Florida and grew up in North Carolina. Joe started playing guitar at a very young age. He was most impressed by Jimi Hendrix, Edward Van Halen, and players like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde. Joe's playing style is unlike anything or anyone you've ever heard, unparalleled with other guitarists. Joey played in the popular band, Serkess Church Band, and they even opened up for popular acts like Vince Neil and Sebastian Bach. Joe also has spent his entire life writing songs, learning how to record on his own, and envisioning himself playing in a popular traveling band. Joe has the rare ability to make other musicians around him better, and all of the musicians that have played with him, will state that fact. When Joey started playing with Herbie, he encouraged him to sing more. By way of necessity, Joey was forced to take on the majority of Lead Vocal duties, which makes Joe a double threat. Lead singer and a Lead guitar player, that tears it up on both fronts! The blending of Joe and Herbie's playing styles is very unique, and they are a fun Live Act to watch, and listen to.

Uncle Herbie and Joey Mac have been writing songs for quite some time, and are finally in the last year, writing songs together and recording on their own, to make their first debut album. The recording will be written, produced, arranged, and performed, all by Joe and Herbie , without any major record labels, or big-time producers, or a true band manager. The two wanted to have a very organic writing and recording process, without any outside influences. By going with a more organic approach to recording, Uncle Herbie and Joey Mac truly hope to have their first record have a sound that defines them, and gives them a true identity. Please join them on their Musical journey and listen to the music that they have come up with!

Video of Uncle Herbie and Joey Mac at River House:


Video of Jayce Long: