Eggs softly scrambled with cream and sherry

Mornings at River House. Coffee waiting outside your door. (Make mine Earl Grey tea.)
Breakfast in the main house. Orange juice squeezed to order. Fresh fruit. Choice of omelets - herbs and cheese, mushrooms and scallions - or eggs softly scrambled with cream and sherry.* Served with grilled "English" muffins and strawberry preserves or spiced marmalade. Bacon, of course.

*A snowy weekend in Montreal In the mid 1950s, brunch with a young psychologist named Lee Salk. For each person: two eggs, salt and pepper, a tablespoon of sherry, a couple tablespoons of heavy cream. Cook gently in butter, moving with a soft spatula, adding a bit more butter at the end. Out of the pan fast. A direct steal from Escoffier, I believe.

It was snowy indeed in Montreal! All flights were cancelled and we took a taxi back to New York.

When Lee decided to move to New York, I was able to find him an apartment in my small building - 65th and Fifth - our two apartments on the top floor, our Fair Lady Julie Andrews on the garden level. Tony Walton's yellow touring car parked out front.

Back to food and back then discoveries every day.

Anyway, the first gefilte fish I ever ate was made expressly for me by Lee and Jonas Salk's mother! (I have been healthy ever since. And, lacking carp, have actually made an Ashe County version using fresh rainbow trout - recipe on request.)