Pan Bagna

In 1956 I produced a play called "The Lovers" in which Joanne Woodward starred. It was her first play on Broadway and she was beautiful and talented and exciting. And, in addition, it was exciting because Paul Newman was waiting outside the stage door each night!

So for Pan Bagna you can make your own vinaigrette or just pick up from the grocery store one of Newman's own.

I am off to France in a few days (!) and still on the dreaded end-of-the-season tomato binge. Bake your own baguette or buy a good fresh one. Cut it  in half lengthwise;  hollow out a bit of the crumb on both halves and brush both liberally with Paul's or the the vinaigrette of your choosing. Then layer really good sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper, a bunch of fresh basil, sliced hard-boiled eggs, salt and pepper, slivered red onions, Nicoise olives, roasted red peppers, tuna - unless you want to keep it totally vegetarian - and anchovies with the same caveat. Sliced or crumbled cheese or a hefty sprinkling of parmesan. You get the picture. Top with the top and wrap tightly in food film then aluminum foil.  

Wait. An hour or 2 or 24.  

Friends and wine.