A broccoli crown for a head of cauliflower

In Los Angeles Johnny Carson's show, "Carson's Corner" was in its last 13 weeks. They hired and then fired a director every week until Ron Winston came on board and finished out the series. He was 24.

The first time I flew out to visit Ron, we had dinner with Johnny and Jody. Unlikely as it seems, I can't remember what we ate or where. Ron was very cute.

When Johnny moved to New York, he and Joanne had season tickets for the Giants directly in front of ours. So Ron and I would take the subway out to Yankee Stadium and ride back in the limousine laughing all the way.

One evening at Sardi's, the whole dining room was entertained by Johnny's reaction to being charged $4 for a serving of broccoli. That's when the South African lobster tails cost only $3.50.

A broccoli crown for a head of cauliflower

Remove the hard core from the cauliflower taking care to leave it whole. Cut florets from two heads of broccoli. (Don't throw away the stems, we'll talk.) In separate pots in a small amount of salted water, cook both until just tender. Lift the cauliflower carefully to the center of a large plate, surround it with the broccoli and pour hollandaise over all.