An Omelet

I need to look up the specific dates to flesh out this account but it is generally accurate. Long ago (we are talking the 50's) Leslie Stevens and I went down to 1 Fifth Avenue to see a performance by Elaine Stritch. 

Fifty years pass. Cut to Grassy Creek and Steve Plummer (more about him later) whose friend and business associate, Lanny Dacus purchased property here By River House. A conservation agreement protecting the property from excessive development provided tax credits, and became the basis for our special little community here on the New River.

Well - Lanny Dacus also bought 1 Fifth Avenue and decided for business reasons to close the restaurant and thereby - collateral damage - fired the Chef, Anthony Bourdain. 

Steve Plummer said I should invite him down because he was just nuts enough to come.

Do you think it might be too late?! 

Our beloved Emile Pandolfi IS nuts enough to come and will arrive on Saturday, December 2nd, ready to do the Salon with Dana Russell on Sunday the 3rd.

During the 50s and 60s in New York and Los Angeles, piano bars were popular late night venues. Decades later Emile was a star performer at The Comedy Club in LA. Much earlier on the other side of the country, on the other side of the piano I stayed up way too late way too many nights, especially when Cleveland friends were in town.

It was frequently close to 3:00 AM when we left "And Vinnie's" and headed to the Brasserie for onion soup or an omelet.

An Omelet

Heat an omelet pan or non-stick skillet and melt a tablespoon of butter. Lightly beat 2 or 3 eggs with salt and pepper, a small handful of scallions or a mix of chives, parsley and chervil. When the butter is foaming, pour the eggs Into the skillet, stir with the back of the fork while moving the pan back and forth. Working quickly, lay two half slices of cheese across the center and a row of sauteed mushrooms in line with the handle of the pan. With a rubber spatula fold a third of the omelet over the filling, tilt the pan and roll it out onto a heated plate. Do not overcook. Eat! Go to bed.