Our friend John Benedum has just returned from a hunting expedition.

I have no idea how to cook pheasant (which I understand needs a lot of time hanging out in a chat room before going in to dinner) but I have had it served "under glass." 

That had to have been in the mid-fifties. Sherman Fairchild, my friend and amazing neighbor on East 65th Street, had been part of a hunting party somewhere in the world and their catch, lead shot and all, was the main course for a private dinner in the basement of Club 21. So down the steep stairs, through the wine cellar and the many bins of private wine collections, to a table for.twelve.

The course I remember most vividly was a salad of beets and Belgian endive. Clean beets - all colors if you have them - rub with oil and salt and pepper, wrap in foil and roast until tender. Once cool enough to peel, peel and slice or dice. Toss with a sexy vinaigrette. 

Remove the cores from Belgian endives, cut across into half inch slices and marinate with vinaigrette. When ready to serve, mound the beets in the center of chilled plates, surround with the endive and, if you wish, top with a "quenelle" of herbed goat cheese, and await the pheasant.