Mushroom Vol-au-Vent

Recipe for a special evening with a special gentleman who happens to be vegetarian.

No caviar, no oysters, no lobster, no filet! 

OK. A wedge of runny D'Afinois with fig confiture (thank goodness he's not vegan) followed by a gorgeous puff pastry case filled with shallots, a medley of mushrooms, herbs, sherry and cream. A few fat asparagus spears for punctuation.

I made my own puff pastry but Pepperidge Farm is always a go to. Cut out a square, a round, an oval, decorate with pretty shapes, brush with egg wash and bake, as they say, according to directions.

Saute finely chopped shallots in butter, add mushrooms, salt and pepper of course, then a splash of sherry. Add heavy cream. Reduce a bit. Pour into the baked shell at serving time. A brief spin in a 350 degree oven. Serve with the steamed asparagus and a slice of lemon.

And a bottle of Dom Perignon.