Generation Acoustic

Joe McCallister, "Joey Mac", is originally from Florida and grew up in North Carolina. Joe started playing guitar at a very young age. He was most impressed by Jimi Hendrix, Edward Van Halen, and players like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde. Joe's playing style is unlike anything or anyone you've ever heard, unparalleled with other guitarists. Joey played in the popular band, Serkess Church Band, and they even opened up for popular acts like Vince Neil and Sebastian Bach. Joe also has spent his entire life writing songs, learning how to record on his own, and envisioning himself playing in a popular traveling band. Joe has the rare ability to make other musicians around him better, and all of the musicians that have played with him, will state that fact. When Joey started playing with Herbie, he encouraged him to sing more. By way of necessity, Joey was forced to take on the majority of Lead Vocal duties, which makes Joe a double threat. Lead singer and a Lead guitar player, that tears it up on both fronts! The blending of Joe and Herbie's playing styles is very unique, and they are a fun Live Act to watch, and listen to.

Jayce Long is a 32 year old singer, guitarist, and drummer. His influences include The Eagles, James Taylor, John Mayer and Jayce's father Tommy Long. His music is a mix of blues and folk also covering older and newer pop.

Herbie Burns grew up in North Carolina. He remembers at 5 years old, listening to his parents record collection, The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's album, and his father's classical music records. Herbie started playing instruments at a very young age, first piano, clarinet, guitar, and bass. Never met an instrument he doesn't like or love. At 12, he started playing bass violin in the orchestra at school. When Herbie realized he could play bass guitar in bands, he has played the bass ( mostly), in bands ever since. The Ardmores was a popular WInston-Salem based band, that Herbie played bass with, for a decade. In 2013, They invited Joey Mac to sit in with the latter lineup of The Ardmores one evening. When Herbie heard Joe play the guitar, his jaw literally dropped wide open, and he was blown away by Joey's playing abilities. Herbie had to play with this guy again! So when Herbie had a band member cancel on a gig from a work injury, he called up Joe, whom had already reached out to him about playing some gigs . Herbie started booking gigs as a duo, and then came up with the name, Uncle Herbie and Joey Mac. The Duo has already played all over the state of North Carolina, in the last several years. Herbie's musical influences are ( to name a few ) Warren Zevon, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, JJ Cale, Rush, and Led Zeppelin. Here lately, Herbie enjoys listening to classical guitarist, Ana Vidovic, and his Folk Hero, Darrell Scott. Herbie hopes to play Music as long as he lives, if it means picking and grinning past 100!