George Hamilton V

Singer-Songwriter-Producer George Hamilton V is widely regarded for helping fuel the "Americana" music movement in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is known as a Music City "outlaw" in the tradition of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson.

Born into the Family Tradition of Country Music, he practically grew-up backstage at the GRAND OLE OPRY® . Today, he bears the Country Music torch for the new generation. BILLBOARD MAGAZINE defines George's music as "IMPRESSIVE. The Warmth Of Country Music With The Muscle And Intensity Of Rock" while another reviewer simply calls it "The Passion Of Country - The Power Of Rock". One British writer says: "Although George V is often looked upon as a 'rebel' and his music more rock than country, the plain fact is that he's really more traditional than his illustrious parent."

George V has carried his Country Music torch WORLDWIDE, across FIVE continents, where journalists have proclaimed him "The Emperor of Country-Rock"(France), "King of Country" (Belgium), "Rebel Without A Pause" (Australia), "Entertainment Personified" (England), "Royal Mile Cowboy" (Scotland), "Mr. Dynamite" (Latvia), "A Future Southern Superstar" & "Music City's Most Original New Talent" (USA).

His debut CD, the critically acclaimed HOUSE OF TEARS, produced by Mitch Easter of REM fame, wound-up on many U.S. Top Ten lists alongside U-2, REM and Bruce Springsteen, while his self-directed music video, "Burial Ground Of The Broken Hearted", aired on MTV. George's first Country single, "She Says", made BILLBOARD MAGAZINE's TOP 100 -- earning invitations to perform the song on BBC-TV and at the world-famous GRAND OLE OPRY® where he performs regularly.

George V has written songs for Nashville's largest music publishers (Sony, BMG & Curb Music) while releasing albums and touring Internationally. Major International appearances include Brazil's "Skol Festival", Australia’s "Gympie Festival", France's "Craponne" & "Mirande" Festivals, Japan's "Kyoto Country Music Week", Britain's famed Wembley Arena & Cambridge Folk Festival and Poland's Warsaw Palace.

He's become one of the best-known faces of modern-day Country Music via World Wide Touring and countless Network Television Appearances in America, Europe and Australasia. In 1996, George became the FIRST American artist to tour Poland Nationwide and he has made SIXTEEN extensive tours of Britain to-date where he's a multi-award winning artist.

Among George V's many accolades are: European NUMBER ONE HITS "Edinburgh", "Ghost Town", "Gone, Gone, Gone", "Can't Tell Ya Why", "I Love This Town" & "Take My Advice"; NUMEROUS Awards & nominations as "MOST PROMISING INTERNATIONAL ARTIST" in the U.K.; a 'TOP 5 HIT VIDEO' ("Ghost Town") on CMT-Europe; "BIGGEST EVENT OF 2000" Award from the PCMA (Polish Country Music Assoc.) for two legendary cross-country tours of Poland; "ALBUM OF THE YEAR" (2004 Poland) for his album with Poland’s award-winning COLORADO Band. George V also holds the honors for having the very FIRST French Country Music Video ("Edinburgh"), for being the FIRST American to tour Poland NATIONWIDE, and the FIRST American Artist to record a CD with a Polish Band in Poland. Last, but not least, in England, there's even a hotel named after him (the "George Hamilton V Hotel") in the seaside town of Brighton!

George V has released 8 CDs to date: HOUSE OF TEARS, ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES, GHOST TOWN, GARDEN OF LOVE, LIVE IN LODZ (Poland) and two CDs with his father, George Hamilton IV, HOMEGROWN and COUNTRY CLASSICS for EMI Records. His latest release, HONKY-TONK DELUXE, has received rave reviews worldwide, yielding 4 NUMBER ONE HITS in Europe and remaining among the French "Top 5" CDs since its release.