Staci Braun

Singer-songwriter Staci Braun's piano and keyboard accompaniment leans on jazz and blues traditions, but goes wherever best creates a backdrop for her voice. Sultry and smooth, she covers tunes into new creations, sometimes entirely. 

Staci makes her home in the high country, travels throughout the US and internationally, and is currently recording and producing her debut album, "Blanket of Melancholy".

Staci's adult-contemp pop originates at the crossroads of wisdom gleaned from painfully complex life journeys and the innocence inherent in the promise of new beginnings.

Staci's elegance as a songwriter and the visceral emotionality of her vocals and lyrics recall Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell. Both are inspirations for her piano sound, as well as jazz icon Bill Evans, and the-mother-of-all-songwriters, Carole King. What she brings to cover songs, spanning decades and genres, is the same deep attention, to bring out what she sees, and wants to share.

Video of Staci Braun at River House: